Terms And Conditions
By using our site, the following conditions must be adhered to:
1) Sign up
1.1) You must have read and understood fully our disclaimer, terms and conditions, privacy policy before sign up.
1.2) You are required to sign up with your real names which must tally with your bank account name.
2) Deposits
2.1) You are required to login to our site, create a request by typing in your airtime pins or using the share 'n' sell method.
2.1.1) If you are depositing via airtime pins, it is advisable you go through the pins typed before submitting. Cheetahpay reserves the right to deactivate your account if our system detects multiple invalid pins by a single user.
2.1.2) If a user is depositing using the share 'n' sell method, you are required to create a request before transferring the airtime to the number that displayed while creating your request. On the successful submission of your transfer request, sending your airtime across to Cheetahpay should not exceed 10minutes, otherwise, the system invalidates your request and tenders it void and invalid.
2.1.3) It is advised you create a request or make a deposit by yourself. Cheetahpay will not bear the consequences of whatever issue that comes up as a result of you disclosing your login details to a third party.
3) Responsibility
3.1) You are responsible for any airtime you sell to us. By selling to us, you can confirm that it rightfully belongs to you and that it was gotten through a legitimate source. Cheetahpay will not be held responsible for any fraudulent airtime being sold to her.
3.2) In a situation where fraudulent cases arises as a result of the airtime you sold to us with detailed proofs, we will be compelled to give out your transaction details to the bodies involved for necessary investigation.
3.3) Cheetahpay advices her customers to transact with a designated phone numbers belonging to them alone. If you feel you are incapacitated at the moment, thereby obligating you to allow the third-party send airtime through you, you shall also take full responsibility of it.
4) Fees and Charges
4.1) Cheetahpay accepts airtime of all networks. The discount rate for Mtn is 20%, Airtel is 25%, 9mobile is 28%(but 25% for airtime pins).
4.2) These discount rates are not fixed. Cheetahpay reserves the right to alter it at any given point in time without a prior notice to the customers.
4.3) Cheetahpay charges fifty naira for any withdrawals less than four thousand naira. At our own discretion, we can also charge a lesser amount for bank withdrawals even when the amount to be withdrawn is less than four thousand naira.
5) Spamming
5.1) By using our site, you have agreed not to spam it with invalid airtime pins or share 'n' sell requests. You stand the risk of having your account closed permanently and losing your balances (if any) when found wanting.
5.2) While creating any deposit request using the share 'n' sell method, endeavor to input correctly your number with which you are using to send the airtime, otherwise, the system considers it as spamming.
6) Multiple Accounts
6.1) A user is entitled to just one account. Any user found with multiple accounts stands the risk of having one of his accounts closed permanently without refund of his/her balance if any.
7) Civility
7.1) As courtesy demands, registering with us means you support a civil environment and should not by any way harass or speak against other users. If found wanting, you stand the risk of getting your account deactivated permanently.
7.2) If a customer is offended either by virtue of coincidence, misconception or website activities, he or she must channel his anger appropriately. This is done by forwarding an elaborate complaint to the website ADMIN via the official mail stated boldly on our website. This will be treated with matter of urgency and have it resolved as soon as possible.
8) Contacts
8.1) Cheetahpay phone lines includes 08030550475, 08030550475 and mail (cheetahfastpay@gmail.com). We hereby urge you to disregard any other number or mail parading itself as Cheetahpay.
9) Third Party Transactions
9.1) In a situation where a client allows his transaction to pass through another client before getting to us, Cheetahpay wishes to state it categorically that the last person that had the direct contact with us will bear the full responsibility of the airtime he is sending. If by any means the airtime involved is faulted, we might be obligated to give out your details to the relevant authorities.
10) Security
10.1) Your login details and passwords is very confidential, endeavor to keep it safe and personal. At the notice of any fraudulent activity on your account, do not hesitate to report to Cheetahpay either by our phone lines or email.